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Cake Deco Supplies is a lifelong passion for creating beautiful culinary delights

Welcome to Cake Deco Supplies, Melbourne’s leader in the world of cake making and decorating.

Our passion for baking and decorating has us sourcing the best products from all over the world to ensure you have everything you need instore and online. This has seen us establish an inimitable reputation for quality, service and knowledge.

At Cake Deco Supplies, we pride ourselves on this passion. It motivates us, inspires us and we thrive on sharing this with our customers. Every item that we stock is personally chosen and imported by our  founder and Director, Jacqueline Matchado. From fondants to sprinkles, cake boards to cake toppers,  all hand-picked for you.

This unique hands–on approach affords integrity and ensures that our customers have access to the finest and innovative pieces available. Our store comprises Melbourne’s most extensive range of decorating supplies. Visit us and explore the breadth and depth of our retail store in Flinders Street, Melbourne, you will find that we have everything you need and more.


Jacqui Matchado – Store Owner

Jacqui was born into the catering and hospitality industry working in and around her family business. Her interest in numbers took her into the finance sector for over fifteen years but starting a family over seven years ago brought back into the baking and decorating field.

Surrounding her self with like minded people helped her grow and find an outlet for her creativity, realizing she wasn’t alone in this rat race she formed Cake Deco Supplies in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD to help other like minded people explore their creative passion.

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