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Acrylic Heart Ganache Lids 6″


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Acrylic Heart Ganache Lids 6″ comes in a set of 2. 

Acrylic Ganache Lids are used to achieve the perfect smooth and sharp edges to your cakes using buttercream or ganache.

Lids are sold as a pair. Place one acrylic as the base board, cantering cake layer, fill as you normally would. Place the second acrylic on top of your cake. Use the gap between the cake and acrylic to fill with your desired frosting. Now use your straight edge smoother to achieve a smooth finish to your cake. Set your frosted cake in the fridge.

Gently remove your base acrylic and flip cake to your Masonite Presentation board. Then gently remove second acrylic board.


Taping Go Between to each acrylic lid, allows easy release of lids once set.

Heating Smoother at the end to achieve a finial smooth finish to the side and use a good quality turntable.  



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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 2 cm