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Manual Airbrush Pump


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Manual Airbrush includes a plastic pump and reservoir for quick and easy application of paint and glitter to cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, desserts and other sweet creations. The Manual Airbrush gives you full control over the pressure that your spray is applied – SO CONVENIENT!

APPLICATION: For a uniform application, do not apply too close to your product, and maintain a smooth, even pace using horizontal movements when applying your colour. It is advised to test on some paper, some buttercream, some rolled fondant or the back of your cake prior to applying, to check concentration and ensure a smooth drip-free application. Adjust mix as needed after testing.

Dust Application: Fill reservoir with your chosen pearl dust mixed with alcohol (grain, vodka, white rum), clear extract (vanilla, lemon, butter) or an essence (rose, vanilla, etc.) and pump to paint with the airbrush. *Ensure your mix is concentrated and thoroughly mixed.

Glitter Application: Fill reservoir with your chosen glitter, remove straw, reassemble airbrush, turn your airbrush upside down with the reservoir pointed upwards and pump to apply your glitter.
*Ensure your pump and reservoir are completely dry and clean before switching to a dry application. Fine glitter rather than course glitter should be used to avoid clogging the pump.

STORAGE & CARE: Wash and dry Airbrush thoroughly after each use. Store Airbrush in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

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Manual Airbrush Pump