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Sicoly: Raspberry Fruit Purée 1kg


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Our frozen  raspberry purée from France is made from a subtle and balanced blend of different varieties of raspberries, each bringing a specific flavour to the recipe.

The raspberries used in our purée are selected according to stringent quality criteria and picked at optimal ripeness to create a high gustatory quality purée.


The recipes and manufacturing process are fitted to each particular fruit to preserve their own particularities and offer frozen fruit and juices with very authentic taste, the closest possible to the fresh fruit.
Fruits are processed in our own production facilities in France. They are first crushed and sieved for a smooth and delicate texture.

The fruit pulp is then de-aerated to prevent any risk of micro-oxidation and preserve the natural colour of the fruit. The frozen purée then undergoes a heat treatment, with a specific ultra-fastprocess (ohmic heat treatment) to preserve all the organoleptic qualities ofthe fresh fruit: taste, colour, etc.

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Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 8 cm
Sicoly: Raspberry Fruit Purée 1kg