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Monkey Face With 4 Holes For Hire


Monkey Face With 4 Holes For Hire

Conditions of Tin Hire – Strictly 3 days Hire.

This item is required to be collected from our Store.

  • All tins cleaned (no dents, no scratches, not burnt, no baked on butter/oil)
  • NOT dishwasher safe – do not put in the dishwasher HAND WASH ONLY
  • Do not use knives or scours on the tin as this will scratch
  • Cost of Hire: $15.00
  • $50 Cash BOND PER TIN is required NO EFT. Cash bond is Refunded upon return of cake tin/s and care instructions in good condition. If cake tin/s and care instructions are not returned in the same condition or if the tin is lost or damaged BOND is forfeited
  • Late fees – Charge of $5.00 per tin per day applies after 3 days from today’s date
  • Use Cake release ( Complimentary provided )
  • No tin hire across Christmas and New Years closure periods.

Care Instructions:

  • Wash cake tins in warm soapy water and soft sponge( do not use scourers), dry thoroughly in a warm oven( between 50◦c -70◦c) until completely dry.
  • DO NOT put through the dishwasher, HAND WASH ONLY.
  • DO NOT use abrasives of any kind on tins
  • Lining the cake tins is highly recommended. We Recommend the use of CAKE RELEASE, to grease and flour tins.
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Weight 439 g
Dimensions 35 × 26 × 4 cm
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